The cassette is the casing into where the awning retracts. What a half cassette awning is, is an awning with ‘half’ a cassette that sits on top of the fabric roll. This is to help protect the awning from rain and dirt. On the other hand, a full cassette awning is an enclosed awning where the roller, fabric cover, and arms are fully protected as they are stored in a closed cassette once retracted. So, your second option is protecting the whole of the unit as opposed to just the fabric part.

We supply and install either open , semi cassette or full cassette awnings, all of which have different uses. Where an awning is installed under a balcony and has total cover from the weather then an open awning may be appropriate, but if fitted to an exterior wall with no protection then a full cassette or semi cassette would be required. Our awnings can be operated manually by use of a crank handle or by remote control. We can also supply most of our awnings with remote lighting and heating. We can offer a single awning to a maximum size of 6500mm wide x 4000mm projection

All of our awnings are manufactured in Germany using only high grade materials. They are all constructed to withstand Northern Europe Scandinavian and UK climates.